Keeping Them Safe While You're Away

When you are travelling or away on holiday you need a safe place to keep your pets. We offer a competitive and comprehensive boarding facility for caged animals, cared for by experienced and licensed staff.

We are passionate about what we do and first and foremost we put your animals health and wellbeing first, so you can be assured they are good hands while you're away

All prices include accommodation, food, heating (where applicable) and clean outs, however if you provide your own cage on arrival we offer an additional 10% discount off your pets entire stay.

Each additional pet after the first is charged up to 50% off the first!

Prices are as follows:

Mice: £3.00 a day - £1.50 a day per addition.

Hamsters & Gerbils: £4.00 a day - £2.00 a day per addition. 

Rats & Guinea Pigs: £5.00 a day - £2.50 a day per addition.

Rabbits: £6.00 a day - £3.00 a day per addition.

Snakes (up to 6 foot): £6.00 a day

Lizards/Tortoise: £7.00 a day - £4.00 a day per addition

Large Snakes (over 6 foot): £8.00 a day (Check ahead of time for available enclosures)

Large Lizards: £10.00 a day (Check ahead of time for available enclosures)

If you have pet birds or insects that require boarding please contact us to discuss your requirements. 01453 764225 asking for Sebastian.

If you need accommodation for your animal we require booking a minimum of two weeks in advance for reptiles & 1 week notice for rodents.

If you have any questions please get in contact.

Prices are subject to change.

Terms and conditions apply, please ask for more information.