We have a series of courses we plan to run as soon as we can. Due to the pandemic we have put these on hold until further notice.

When we are able to run again we will have several animal specific courses to choose from.

These will allow new prospective animal keepers the chance to come and learn everything you need to know about your new pet in a friendly and interactive way before you go home with them.

When sessions run we intend to have close knit groups of 6 where you can learn together. There will be tests and a completion certificate to show what you have learned.

Here at Pet Fayre we believe that owners should be made fully aware of what to expect when caring for animals. Not only does this allow new prospective owners to spot health issues before they become untreatable, but also often leads to a longer living and healthier animals.

Pets offer us companionship and happiness and we think it only right to offer them the same back.

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements on sessions.