Pillow Wad Eco-nest Bio 3.2KG

Pillow Wad Eco-nest Bio 3.2KG

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An eco-friendly versatile bedding, suitable for all animals.

Double dust extracted and made from recycled unused cardboard. Good news for your pet, good news for our planet.

Ultra-absorbent, masks odours and virtually dust-free.

Perfect for all small herbivores, reptiles, poultry, and many more.

Excellent for burrowing, tunneling, digging & nesting.

Packaged in Bio-Wrap...

Here at Pillow Wad we’ve spent the past 2 years helping to develop a potato starch-based wrap. We are looking to replace our (highly re-cyclable but ultimately) single-use plastic wrap.

So what do you need to know about Bio-Wrap?

Completely Bio-degradable and in the right conditions will break down in 6 months.
Cleared for home and industrial composting (EN13432).
Breathable, to help keep the feed or bedding fresher for longer.
Can be disposed of in the home compost or in the food caddy, it can even be re-used as the food caddy
Made from renewable sources.